Admissions and Enrollment

Admissions and Enrollment

  • Parents visit the school.
  • Submit an Application that must be accompanied by registration fee and copies of the following:
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Immunization Record
    4. Last Report Card (unless Pre-K)
    5. Identification from both parents
  • Students age six and older must schedule a Diagnostic Test.
  • Students age 12 and older must provide a letter of recommendation from his/her pastor and previous teacher or counselor.
  • The office may call for an interview (both parents and pupil) with the principal.
  • The school will contact the principal or counselor of previous school (ages 12 and older).
  • Parents will be notified of acceptance.
  • Both parents must attend Parent Orientation.
  • Parents and student(s) must read the Student Handbook thoroughly and return the Parent Handbook Commitment Letter to the front office.

Admission Procedures

Application Forms

Preschool Student Application PreschoolStudentApplication 2020-2021
Grades 1-12 Student Application   1_12_StudentApplication 2020-2021
Re-enrollment Student Application  Re-Enrollment Application 2020-2021

Enrolling Forms

Dress Code Embroid Locations
Parent Commitment Letter
Photo Release Form
Private Music Lessons
Prescription Medication Form
Student Information Form
ACH Collection Form
Dress Code Policy
Cellular Phone Registration Form